International Scientific Journal
publ. by Eurasian Center of Innovative Development DARA
ISSN 2706-994X (Print), e-ISSN 2706-9958 (Online)

Reviewing methods

Articles submitted to JINS are subject to strict peer-reviewing. JINS operates double blind peer-review (the reviewers do not know the authors’ identities until the paper has been published). Once a manuscript is submitted, the submission is received by the in-house Managing Editor who will subsequently coordinate the whole editorial process for the manuscript: peer-review, decision-making, possible authors’ revision, manuscript acceptance, copyediting, English editing, proofreading and final publication. An in-house Assistant Editor will be assigned to the submitted article and will send review invitations.

For publication, each article is reviewed by the editorial team, checked whether the editing requirements were followed and if it is related to the topic of the review. In terms of the scientific content, each article (without the name of the author(s)) is sent to two reviewers for evaluation (Step A).

The comments of reviewers will be sent to the author by the editorial board to make the necessary changes (Step B).

Then, the checked article is sent back to the reviewers (Step C).

If, at least one of the reviewers considers that the article does not fulfill the scientific terms of publication, the Editorial Board can refuse its publication.

For the evaluation of an article (Step A), reviewers will take into account: importance of debated issues, adequacy of literature review, rigor of methodology used, rigor of analysis (appropriate interpretation), clarity of writing, explanations, and concepts, suitability of illustrations and tables (too many, too few, clarity), adequacy of abstract (accurate summary of entire paper) and keywords, adequacy of introduction (purpose and rationale), adequacy of conclusions, accuracy of the title.

After acceptance of an article for publication, the in-house editorial staff will organize the production of the paper, which entails copyediting, English editing and final production in preparation for publication on the journal website. The JINS is structured in yearly volumes and quarterly issues. Nevertheless, articles are published online immediately after acceptance and production.